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Using AI tools in Scientific Writing
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    Aaqib Rashid Mir 1 month ago
    nice session
    Shahid Umar 6 months ago
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    Muhammad Ajmal Khan 7 months ago
    I have 43 publications wherease show my publications 95. Who is better decide yourself
    Jamal Shah 7 months ago
    In dire need of this course, thanks!
    Muhammad Zeeshan 7 months ago
    Thanks sir amaar this course is too much important for us.
    javeed akhtar 8 months ago
    Excited to join this course
    HASHIM Naseer 9 months ago
    Ammar Bahi, A.O.A. I hope you will fine Iman with health. I cannot watch videos; I only listen to audio.
    Muhammad Zeeshan 7 months ago
    or mobile on desktop site
    Muhammad Zeeshan 7 months ago
    use laptop
    shahida Nosheen 9 months ago
    thnks.great sir g God bless you
    sabeela mumtaz 8 months ago
    thanks sir
    Toqeer Jameel 9 months ago
    Great 😍
    Nazir ULLAH 9 months ago
    great sir