Course Content
Day-2: How to use VScode (an IDE) for Python?
Day-3: Basics of Python Programming
This section will train you for Python programming language
Day-4: Data Visualization and Jupyter Notebooks
You will learn basics of Data Visualization and jupyter notebooks in this section.
Day-5: MarkDown language
You will learn whole MarkDown Language in this section.
Day-10: Data Wrangling and Data Visualization
Data Wrangling and Visualization is an important part of Exploratory Data Analysis, and we are going to learn this.
Day-11: Data Visualization in Python
We will learn about Data Visualization in Python in details.
Day-12,13: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
EDA stands for Exploratory Data Analysis. It refers to the initial investigation and analysis of data to understand the key properties and patterns within the dataset.
Day-15: Data Wrangling Techniques (Beginner to Pro)
Data Wrangling in python
Day-26: How to use Conda Environments?
We are going to learn conda environments and their use in this section
Day-37: Time Series Analysis
In this Section we will learn doing Time Series Analysis in Python.
Day-38: NLP (Natural Language Processing)
In this section we learn basics of NLP
Day-39: git and github
We will learn about git and github
Day-40: Prompt Engineering (ChatGPT for Social Media Handling)
Social media per activae rehna hi sab kuch hy, is main ap ko wohi training milay ge.
Python ka Chilla for Data Science (40 Days of Python for Data Science)
About Lesson

Python k chilla ki pehli class main hame ye cheezen dekhi hyn:

  • What is Data Science?
  • Daily Life Examples
  • Installation of Python and VScode
  • Writing your first line of code
  • Data Types and operators
  • Different operation in CMD
  • What is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?
  • The use of chatGPT was also discussed in this lecture
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print("This is my First Line of Code") # Stringprint('Integer:',4-2) # Integer (Number)# Arithmetic Operators (+-*/)print('Float:',5.6 + 6.7) # Float (decimal)print('Multiply:',5*6)print('Divided:', 60/5)print('Power:',5**4)# PEMDAS , DMAS , BODMAS# Always Search in Google Imagesprint('ALI')a = 55**6 a# IDE : integrated Development Environment# Python Ki IDE when we use python in VSCode
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num = 2 result = num.__add__(2) print(result)
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